Try these Most Surprising Google Searches and I bet You Will be Dazzled With The Results

A collection of funny search results and results obtained using searches done using Google maps- I wrote this answer on Quora, but the real point of spending time on this was to see some strange results on Google.One of the beautiful facts that I came to know was Google Graphs and Google trends. Google trends can be used very nicely for analytics and finding the relative significance of various terms.I will publish more posts on these new features provided by Google. Till then it’s time to see some funny results on this posts. I believe, readers need some thing to read in funny form also.So, go ahead and keep visiting the blog for new posts.

Batman On Google

A person named Roland Mieslinger successfully generated the equation to draw Batman on Google Graph using the following code and gave rise to Batman Function.

Just copy it in Google and press the search button.

PacMan Graph…

Lake of Blood

In Iraq, at coordinates 33.396157° N, 44.486926° E, lies a blood-red lake.


Available on Google maps, a new term called Mapvertising.(Advertising using Google Maps).A 87,500-square-foot picture of Colonel Sanders — the KFC logo— appears at 37.646163° N, 115.750819° W just off Extraterrestrial Highway in Nevada.

Miserable Failure

(The first search result that came was on George W Bush). Fixed by Google

When Respected Prime Minister of India speaks

Love- Buy and sell love on EBay

When I wrote this post, I never imagined that this one of the most popular search engines can make us laugh also. Do you also know some other search queries or results which you consider to be the funniest Google search results? Mention them in comments.

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